Tactical Mage


Tactical Mages or “Tacs” are a relatively new breed of down and dirty spellcasting soldiers who even the odds of battle with nasty underhanded magic. Such tactics include ensorcelling the laser weapons of their enemies to reflect their own destructive beams against them, creating magical claymores that trap enemies where they stand and mark them with globes of daylight for snipers to pick off—not to mention the tried and true methods of firebolts and call lightnings to the face when things get pear shaped. Some say they originate from the Magic Zone where fighting the Coalition is a daily darwinian reality and only the strongest, most vicious survive.

The magical community is divided on how they feel about Tactical Mages. Many proudly see them as working class magicians who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when a dbee village is about to be exterminated by the Coalition. The “higher” orders of wizards such as Ley Line Walkers and Battle Magi scoff at Tacs and accuse them of “cheapening” the Art. Tacs don’t mind the criticism. They’re usually too busy fighting in the grit and the mud of war for any of it to register. It’s the buddies who fight alongside them that they’re concerned about, not the empty words of some wizard in an ivory tower who never had a friend die in their arms. Love em or hate em, Tactical Mages get credibility and recognition where it counts. Mercenary companies are making a point of recruiting such rare soldiers who may prospectively earn top credit for their invaluable contributions.

These soldiers often favour sturdy camouflage garb suited to the rigors of combat. They carry an array of both standard and nonstandard weaponry with them, so its not uncommon to see a Laser rifle hoisted over a shoulder while a techno-wizard pistol hangs from their belt. They are also fond of covering themselves with magical fetishes and good luck charms from head to toe.


+ 3 WIS, + 3 CON, + 3 PSY, + 1 DEX

HP: 5D6
SDC: 3D6 + Con + Str
PPE: 5D6 + Cha + Psy
Recovery Dice: 1D6 + Con modifier
Carrying Capacity: Str x 10 lbs.
Lifting Capacity: Str x 15 lbs
Running Speed: Spd x 5 ft per round
Time Dilation: Spd x 15 / Number of Actions
Reflex Speed: Dex + Lck + Spd / 4
Awareness: Int + Wis + Sol / 4
Actions: 4

M.O.S. Skills
Spell Casting [%= Int x 3]
Prowling [%= Dex x 3]
Athletics [%= Con x 3]
Arsenal: Ballistics [%= Int x 3]
Demolitions [%= Int x 3]
Camouflage [%= Wis x 3]
Concealment [%= Dex x 3]
Counter Intelligence [%= Wis x 3]
Detect Ambush [%= Wis x 4]
Detect Concealment [%= Wis x 3]
Pilot: Cycles [%= Dex x 3]
Radio: Basic [%= Int x 3]
Land Navigation [%= Wis x 3]
Lore: Magic [%= Int x 3]
Lore: Poisons [%= Int x 3]
Wilderness Survival [%= Wis x 3]
Medical: First Aid [%= Int x 3]
Meditation [%= Psy x 3]
W.P. Ancient [%= Str x 3]
W.P. Automatics [%= Dex x 3]
W.P. Light Energy [%= Dex x 3]
Select 3 other skills from Fitness, Espionage, Martial.

set of military fatigues, set of casual clothing, set of light MDC armor, bedroll, blanket, backpack, compact toiletry kit, hooded camo pancho, pocket laser distancer, hand held spotting scope, gas mask, skinning knife, 4 glow sticks, 2 signal flares, 2 rolls of military grade wire (50 ft), 2 weeks worth of rations, 1 minor magical weapon, 1 automatic handgun, 1 automatic rifle, 1 energy pistol, 6 E-clips.

Class Abilities


The tac’s magical specialty is oriented towards using magic to increase his combat effectiveness. Therefore the mage will favor an arsenal of destructive magic in his spellbook. He may learn new spells and rituals of any level at any time whether it be through teachers, scrolls, or books. He will have the following spells starting out: Armor of Ithan, Chameleon, Globe of Daylight, Shadow Meld, Blind, Call Lightning, Fire Bolt, Sense Magic, Climb, Superhuman Speed.


The Tactical Mage’s main specialty is imbuing seemingly ordinary objects with destructive magical capabilities. At first level the mage can twist two separate offensive type spells together into one object at the cost of half their total PPE costs. This object can be activated within 200 yards at will, unless programmed to be triggered by other means. The mage may be able to add an additional spell to this process at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15. The range of activation is increased by 50 yards per additional level of experience.


In a fight the Tactical Mage’s senses go on overdrive, sense of smell, sight, touch, the taste of acid in the back of their mouth, everything. He gains an intuitive sense of all the enemy combatants , their positions, their movements, and who they are attacking—unless they have cloaked themselves through magical means. The range of this ability extends to 150 yds + 50 yds per additional level of experience. This also grants the mage a +2 to strike, +2 to dodge, +2 to parry for the duration of the fight.


The mage is an expert at making sorcerous ammunition for conventional rifles and handguns. Bullets are cheap and easy to obtain in addition to being perfect physical conduits for unleashing the mage’s power. The Mage may enchant 1 clip of ammo per 20 PPE plus the PPE cost of the spell he wants the bullets to contain. These magic projectiles deal the damage and effect of the spell and have an initial +1 to strike with an additional +1 at levels 3, 6, and 9.


Running out of PPE usually means certain death for a mage in the midst of battle, so the Tactical Mage has developed ways to overcome this. Each time a humanoid or creature within 50 yds + 50 yds per additional level of experience of the Tac is killed, he can attempt a Psyche check to absorb 2D6 + 1D6 PPE at levels 3, 9, and 15.

Tactical Mage