Adventure, heh. Excitement, heh. Power, heh. a Juicer craves these things. A long life? Who cares. Its all about now. From all walks of life come thrill seeking maniacs who surrender longevity for a few short years of physical perfection and superhuman capabilities. Drugs bestow miraculous ability to the human body, but they also corrode it twenty times faster than was ever intended. Accordingly, the juicer’s heart will eventually explode due to blood thickening, internal organ deterioration, and nervous system exhaustion. The average Juicer has a lifespan of 5 years after augmentation. But damned if those 5 years aint fun! Juicer augmentation comes at either a price of 250,000-300,000 credits, or more commonly 2 years of military service to a kingdom or mercenary army, or sometimes even the Coalition.

Most who undergo Juicer augmentation are those who have terminal illnesses with nothing to lose, the weak who feel this is their only way to defend themselves against lawless oppression, or those who are just plain bored seeking the ultimate ride. Others seek to dominate their peers over petty differences or nursed grudges. Heh.


Class Prime: Constitution
Innate Prime: Any
Hit Points: Con + Str
Power: Cha + Wis
Focus: Int mod + Wis mod
Strike: 5 + Dex mod + Str mod
Attacks: 4 + Con mod
Initiative: 5 + Dex mod
Armor Class: 10 + Dex mod + Wis mod
Recovery Dice: (1d10 + Level) x Con mod

Proficiencies: Knife, Pistol, Rifle, Heavy

Inventory: 1d6X100 credits, backpack, bedroll, two way walkie talkie, set of outdoors clothing, utility belt, satchel, survival knife, binoculars, canteen, compass, 1 data tablet, waterproof map, 1 Rail gun, 1 energy rifle, 1 energy pistol, 1 set mega damage armor, 8 E-Clips, 2 Vibro knives (1d6 MD), 5 lbs of rations, mess kit.


Next Level: Juicers in the heat of combat can feel time slowing down around them as if in slow motion—while in reality they are just moving so much faster than everyone and everything around them due to heightened super speed. This alone makes them one of the most feared opponents to face on the field. Because of this, they have free Auto-Dodges on all attacks that pass their AC, whether melee or ranged.

Lunatic High: The Juicer’s chemo-pump maintains the Juicer’s body in a state of peak combat perfection. No matter how serious his injuries (short of missing a limb or an eye), he will not be deterred or impaired in the slightest. In game terms this means that he is immune to all combat penalties derived from bodily damage until death takes him.

Massacre: Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping than the odds being stacked against you. For the Juicer, the more the merrier is the catch phrase. For each opponent nearby, the Juicer gains a +1 to all combat related rolls.

Nano-regen IRMSS nanite drones are housed within the Juicer’s neck and are constantly recharged by his body’s own electro-magnetic energy. Whenever the Juicer is injured, these nanites are released to the site of aggravation where they rebuild broken bones, suture veins and arteries, repair torn ligaments, and accelerate growth of new tissue and muscle. This effectively imparts upon the Juicer limited regeneration (severed limbs and body parts cannot be regrown, and must be surgically reattached or replaced). At the end of each melee round, the Juicer regenerates 2d10 + Con modifier worth of HP. The Juicer also has an Advantage on all constitution checks.


Total XP Level Ability Scores Powers and Features
0 1st see race class package
1,000 2nd gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell
2,250 3rd gain 1 talent, gain 1 feat
3,750 4th +1 to two gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell
5,500 5th gain 1 talent
7,500 6th gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell, gain 1 feat
10,000 7th gain 1 talent
13,000 8th +1 to two gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell/discipline/spell
16,500 9th gain 1 talent, gain 1 feat
20,500 10th gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell; gain 1 talent
26,000 11th +1 to all gain 1 talent; gain 1 feat
32,000 12th gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell, gain 1 feat
39,000 13th gain 1 talent
47,000 14th +1 to two gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell
57,000 15th gain 1 talent, gain 1 feat
69,000 16th gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell
83,000 17th gain 1 talent
99,000 18th +1 to two gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell, gain 1 feat
119,000 19th gain 1 talent
143,000 20th gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell
175,000 21st +1 to all gain 1 feat; gain 1 talent
210,000 22nd gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell
255,000 23rd gain 1 talent
310,000 24th +1 to two gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell, gain 1 feat
375,000 25th gain 1 talent
450,000 26th gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell
550,000 27th gain 1 talent, gain 1 feat
675,000 28th +1 to two gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell
825,000 29th gain 1 talent
1,000,000 30th gain 1 bonus feat/discipline/spell; , gain 1 feat, gain 1 talent

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