Demon Queller


Legends in China known and spoken by only a few tell of a single man who stood against the hordes of the Yama Demon Kings—and turned them back. But he was not a man. He was a Gold Dragon who had lived in the shape of a man from the time of Atlantis up until the awakening of the Rifts. He had dwelt atop the Himalayas in quiet meditation for many centuries until the hour that his peace was broken. In that hour he came down the mountain not as a man but as a Gold Dragon and shattered the hosts of supernatural evil that poured forth from the Rifts. A million demons died that day—but it was still too few. The Dragon gathered what survivors of this devastation he could and whisked them away them to ancient underground cities that had remained untouched for thousands of years—perhaps preserved for this very scenario. There he taught them the Gold Dragon Sutra that he had perfected in his meditations and the Demon Killing Arts innate to his kind. One day he knew there would be enough resistance to overthrow the conquerors. But until that day, he would wait. And teach.

Demon Quellers embody the distilled essence of the Gold Dragon’s teachings, and wherever they go they are a cure to those in need. Wise sages and peerless fighters descend from this lineage, and they are recognized as heroes of the people in all of the Demon Kingdoms. Their Demon Killing Arts make them a bane of all evil supernatural creatures while the Gold Dragon Sutra hardens their body against harm and death and allows them to perform astounding feats of physical prowess.


Class Prime: Constitution
Innate Prime: any
Hit Points: Con + Str
Power: 20 + Cha + Wis
Focus: 3 + Int mod + Wis mod
Strike: 3 + Dex mod + Str mod
Attacks: 3 + Con mod
Initiative: 1 + Dex mod
Armor Class: 7 + Dex mod + Wis mod
Recovery Dice: 2d6 + Con mod

Weapon Proficiencies: Pistol, Ancient, Mystic

Inventory: 1d6X100 credits worth black market items, 1 backpack, 1 bedroll, 1 set ceremonial robes, 1 set of outdoors clothing, 1 satchel, 1 leather journal, pen and ink, 1 survival knife, 1 divination mirror, 1 silver ritual knife, wand, canteen, compass, 1 waterproof map, 1 Energy Pistol, 4 E-Clips, 1 set mega damage armor, 1 ancient weapon, 1 lb of salt, 100’ of lightweight cord and grappling hook, 5 lbs of rations, mess kit.

Ley Line Walker | Shifter | Rogue Scholar | Legacy Scout

Wilderness Scout| Deadboy Trooper | Juicer | Cyber Knight

Machine Mind | Undead Slayer | Techno Wizard | Mystic Knight

Battle Magus | Psi-Stalker | Glitterboy Jr | Demon Queller

Spec Ops Mercenary | Coalition SAMAS | Atlantean Crusader

G Dragonling | Crazy | Burster | Altaran Blind Warrior

Demon Queller