Coalition OWL


The Coalition has always waged an endless war against Supernatural evil. The cost has been high; even the Coalition’s mechanized war machine is hard-put against the destructive might of this ever present threat. The hardline philosophy of the Coalition has always been this: fight inhumanity while retaining humanity. However, as in most governments, there are always certain officials open to radical solutions. One such solution is the Occult Warfare Logistics (OWL) unit. Members of this unit have one main objective: seek, understand, and destroy supernatural threats by any and all means necessary. These means include the use of magic in this case. In particular, these operatives have magical sigils engraved on their flesh, a less effective, bastardized version of atlantean magic tattoos. These sigils range from sensing supernatural evil, to creating magical armor.

Operatives are usually sent out to the frontiers of the Coalition states, the thinking being that the less magic they use around the civilized populace, the better. They have the right to attach themselves to any active Coalition squads or companies in the field, but cannot take command, although they have the right to offer advice and recommendations to the highest ranking commanding officer. So far as these officers are concerned, these individuals are ISS officers investing corruption within the ranks of the military. Only special lapel pins of an owl perched atop a skull on their jackets differentiate them from the usual ISS operative, but no one outside of the inner circle would be aware of this. OWLs serve for life, the only retirement is death.

OWLs typically wear mdc-grade long military jackets, black fatigue pants, combat boots, and new-style deadboy helmets.

Coalition OWL