Atlantean Crusader


They were once the paragons of humanity, the guiding lights of Earth’s Golden Age. With unparalleled dominion over both magic and science they were the natural rulers of the world. But with power comes hubris, and with hubris comes self-destruction. They became their own downfall by seeking to harness the power of the moon. In doing so they disrupted the earth’s magnetic field causing the oceans to wash over Atlantis and bury it for another age. Most escaped to other dimensions and worlds with their magics and technology. Some few scattered to the far edges of the earth, becoming Kings and Queens over the primitive population. None believed Atlantis would ever return—until the coming of the Rifts. With the Ley Lines resurrected and dimensional travel to earth possible again, many True Atlanteans returned to their homeland only to discover that the Splugorth awaited them. Beautiful forests were now despicable hunting grounds for the Alien overlords and their minions. The fair ports of old were now hubs of Slavery, trafficking humanoids from all over the megaverse.

Atlantean Crusaders are devoted to scouring the earth of extra-dimensional evil through the art and science of the sword. They are well versed in the ancient sword styles zealously guarded and taught by only a few surviving True Atlantean clans. Combined with an innate genetic capacity to infuse and channel magic with their bodies, they are veritable surgeons of death in battle. Although their numbers are few, their exploits are legendary and trouble even the Splugorth.


Class Prime: Dexterity
Innate Prime: Any
Hit Points: Con + Str
Power: 10 + Cha + Wis
Focus: 2 + Int mod + Wis mod
Strike: 3 + Dex mod + Str mod
Attacks: 2 + Con mod
Initiative: 3 + Dex mod
Armor Class: 10 + Dex mod + Wis mod
Recovery Dice: (1d6 + Level) x Con mod

Weapon Proficiencies: Pistol, Ancient

Inventory: 1d6X100 credits, backpack, 1 bedroll, 1 set of outdoors clothing, 1 utility belt, 1 set ceremonial robes, 1 family heirloom,1 leather journal, pen and ink, 1 set binoculars, 1 flashlight, 1 survival knife, canteen, 1 silver ritual knife, 1 set mega damage armor, 1 Vibro Knife (1d6 MD), 1 Vibro Sword (2d6 MD), 1 two-handed sword, 100’ of lightweight cord and grappling hook, 5 lbs of rations, 1 mess kit.

Ley Line Walker | Shifter | Rogue Scholar | Legacy Scout

Wilderness Scout| Deadboy Trooper | Juicer | Cyber Knight

Machine Mind | Undead Slayer | Techno Wizard | Mystic Knight

Battle Magus | Psi-Stalker | Glitterboy Jr | Demon Queller

Spec Ops Mercenary | Coalition SAMAS | Atlantean Crusader

G Dragonling | Crazy | Burster | Altaran Blind Warrior

Combat Mage | Augmented Borg

Atlantean Crusader